Intergalactic Freak Show

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Well, it’s that time again, Fantasy Fest is here. This year’s theme is “Intergalactic Freak Show”. Peter and I have our favorite events that we wouldn’t miss. Sunday is the 6th Annual Zombie Bike Ride. In a short 6 years this has become a favorite among locals. Literally thousands of bike riders, dressed as zombies, with decorated bicycles, will ride from the East Martello Tower to Duval Street. We keep it pretty simple with Zombie makeup and lots of lights on our bikes, but a lot of people get really elaborate. It’s certainly something to see!

Also, this year is the first annual Smallest Parade in the World contest. I have a entered a float. Maybe I’ll post a picture after I win the grand prize! 🙂

There’s also the Pet Masquerade (don’t worry, Kitties, I’ll leave you home for that one) and the Masquerade March. Peter is going as the Intergalactic Freak Show Ringmaster and I’ll simply be his Intergalactic Freak.

And in between all this nonsense, love birds keep getting married. We even have a wedding on Halloween morning!

And so, congratulations to Jamie and Jeremy from Missouri who got married on Smathers Beach. She was in a lovely white wedding gown and he was in blue jeans, flannel shirt and cowboy hat! Their wedding just the way they wanted it!

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