A Nip In The Air

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Coming home last night on our scooter after a lovely dinner, we noticed the first hint of a nip in the air. When you live here for a while you start to notice the change in the seasons. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely there. The evenings are cooler, the humidity is going away. It’s a reminder that in another month or so, while it’s getting cold in so many places, it’s getting perfect in Key West.

This is the time of year to plant tomatoes and other vegetables that can’t grow in the heat of the summer. And this is when my orchids begin to bloom. It’s also the time of year we start working on our Fantasy Fest costumes! Only a month to go before this year’s theme of “All Hallow’s Intergalactic Freak Show”.

Very soon it will be time to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows. And that’s how it will stay all winter.

A lot of homes in Key West don’t even have heat, there’s certainly very rarely a need for it.

But, no matter what time of year, it’s always a fine time to get married in Key West. Zsofia and David came from Scotland to do just that. Zsofia in her beautiful dress with the long train and David in his traditional kilt. It was their first time in Key West but I don’t think it will be their last.

So, we say goodbye to summer and look forward to perfect weather, snow birds, festivals and spending a lot of time outdoors!



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