Hemingway Days 2015

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Next week is the annual Hemingway Days in Key West. There’s always something going on. Hundred of bearded men from all over the world will gather onstage at Sloppy Joe’s in the hopes of being crowned the newest “Papa Hemingway”. The contestants are usually dressed in classic Hemingway style “Big Game Hunter” clothes or classic turtlenecks. Although, in the July heat and with the beards, I don’t know how they last in those turtlenecks!

There’s lots to do if you’re here during Hemingway Days. You can: Tour Hemingway’s Home, visit the Hemingway museum exhibit at the Custom House, compete in a Marlin tournament, meet the “papas” competing in the look-a-like contest, attend a reading by famous authors and Lorian Hemingway, have coffee and donuts with the “papas”, attend the Key West Poetry Guild’s “Papa’s Poems”, watch the “papas” in a look-alike fish-off, enjoy a dockside cocktail party and fish fry, buy cool stuff at the Caribbean Street Fair, cheer on your favorite at Sloppy Joe’s “Papa Hemingway” look-a-like contest, be a part of the wacky Running Of The Bulls, join in the Malibu Rum Hemingway 5k Sunset Run/Walk/Paddleboard Race and wind up with the Hemingway Days Arm Wrestling Championship. And I’m sure I’ve missed a few events!

And when it’s all said and done, head over to the seaport to one of the many open air restaurants and relax and enjoy the sunset while sipping an ice cold tropical drink.

You’re only bored in Key West if you want to be 🙂