Summer in Key West

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As you can imagine, it gets warm in the summer in the Keys. But, probably not as warm as you think. At the height of summer it will get up to about 90 degrees, very rarely above that. The humidity, well, that’s what goes way up. Right now it’s 88 degrees with 68% humidity and it’s only June. So, if you’re planning to come to Key West in the summer expect to spend a lot of time in water (pool or ocean) and to hydrate a lot. Of course, the trade off is that airfare and hotels are less expensive in the summer. And, there are lots of fun street fairs and festivals.

But, if you’re getting married outdoors, just remember the humidity and dress accordingly. And that goes for makeup, too! A little goes a long way on a warm humid day.

Just a few of the events we’ve had this month have been the First Friday Art Stroll, Swim Around Key West, South Florida Symphony Concert, Les Paul’s 100th Birthday Bash, The 5 Day Pridefest  Celebration with all its activities, Tutu 10K on the Beach and the annual A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you want to keep up on Key West events, one of the best calendars I’ve found is They don’t miss a thing and neither will you!

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