It’s a New Car!

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One of the things you have to get use to when living on a little island is the limited amount of choices you have when it comes to products. So, if you’re getting married in Key West be sure to pack everything you need. Or ask me, and I can tell you if something you’re looking for is available here. Of course, you don’t need much while you’re here…a couple pairs of shorts, a couple shirts, a bathing suit and a pair of flip flops pretty much covers it any time of year no matter where in Key West you go!

Once or twice a year most of the locals in Key West day trip the 160 miles to Miami to stock up on whatever they can’t get here. Hubby and I did that yesterday. The lease was up on my car and it was time to trade it in on another. We do have two car dealerships on the island but neither offer my car. So, off we went to Miami and ended up with a new car, some new clothes and even a new living room ceiling fan!

By 3pm we were done with the mainland and headed home. As soon as we crossed over the 18 mile stretch which connects the mainland to the Keys everything changed. Traffic disappeared, speed limits lowered, the air felt clearer and the water bluer. It’s good to be back in the Keys.

As for my new car….it’s the perfect Keys car!


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  1. Lucky you, we are back in the keys in 6 weeks and cannot wait, after our fabulous vow renewal by you last August. It is such an amazing place

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