How Do We Get a Marriage License?

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Getting a marriage license in Florida is very easy. You have to get your marriage license in Florida to be married in Florida. But, that Florida license is valid everywhere in the U.S. If you live outside of Florida, there is no waiting period. Your marriage license is valid immediately. If you, or your fiancé, live in Florida there is a 3 day waiting period after you get your Marriage License unless you take the pre-marital course. A marriage license is valid for 60 days.

You can get your Marriage License at any courthouse in Florida, including Key West. You just go into the courthouse any time Monday through Friday from 8:30pm to around 4:30pm and tell them you’d like a Marriage License. The clerk will ask to see photo I.D. from each of you and will then give you the application to fill out, which will take you about 10 minutes.

If you have been married previously you do have to write down the date your last marriage ended, but no one will ask to see any paperwork. Once you’ve given the clerk the completed paperwork and $93.50 (no credit cards, please), the clerk will give you your license. That’s it! Bring your license to the ceremony and I’ll take care of it from there. Witnesses are not required in Florida.

Laura and Neil from Gulf Breeze, Florida got their marriage license in Milton, Florida. After the ceremony I notarized the license, recorded all the information and mailed it back to Milton where the courthouse will issue them a certified copy that they’ll receive in the mail. You don’t have to sign anything or worry about a thing once you give me you license. You can just relax and have fun, as Laura and Neil did as you can tell by this picture!


Bike Riding In March

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BFor all of you living up north, this has been a long difficult winter. I lived in the frozen north for years, so I definitely sympathize! Right now it’s 82 degrees in Key West, not a cloud in a brilliant blue sky and a soft ocean breeze. I was just speaking with a bride in Wisconsin where it’s 19 degrees and snowing. All you folks, come on down!

A lot of people think it gets really hot here in the summer. July and August are the hottest months but it rarely gets over 92 degrees. The record high was 100 degrees in 1886. What it does get in the summer months is humid! Just a short walk and you can be “glowing”. But, that’s what the ocean and swimming pools are for. So, don’t be afraid of coming down in the summer. Prices for hotels and airfare are a lot less when there’s no snow up north.

If you decide to get married in the summer, just be sure to dress appropriately. A sundress for the bride, a pair of khaki shorts and a short sleeved shirt for the groom and you are Key West formal.

My hat’s off to all of you braving this horrible winter in the north, and now….I’m going for a bicycle ride!