Far Out, Dude!

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While Rich and Michelle were visiting from Massachusetts, Rich wanted to surprise Michelle with a Vow Renewal on the beach. To add to the fun, Rich, who owns a tye dye company, sent me one of his tye dye shirts to wear to the Vow Renewal. The idea was that they just happened upon someone on the beach who was wearing one of his shirts, then he would surprise Michelle.

Well, Michelle was surprised! She couldn’t believe that Rich could keep such a secret from her. And then during the ceremony when he put a brand new ring on her finger…well, Michelle was quite overwhelmed.

It is very hard to keep a Vow Renewal as a surprise. Usually, by the time I meet the couple, the secret is out. But that does not lesson the importance of the ceremony in the least.

I’ve had couples arrive in all kinds of dress for ceremonies, but this was the first time I’d been asked to participate. It was totally far out, dude!

She Wed With Her Boots On

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Weddings are very personal. There are no rules, although there are plenty of books out there that make you think there are rules. All you really need are two people that want to marry each other, a marriage license and an officiate. Anything else should be because you want it.

I love it when couples add a very personal touch to their weddings. I’ve had dogs as ring bearers, couples get married in their bathing suits, cigar bands used as rings and ceremonies created from Dr. Seuss stories and famous movie lines. For Bonnie and Curtis’ wedding, all the women came wearing lovely dresses and boots. And not just any boots, but beautiful, ornate cowboy boots.

Those boots were important to Bonnie and all the women looked fabulous! Congratulations to Bonnie and Curtis and I hope their boots share the same closet for a very long time.




Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park

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Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park (or, Ft. Zack, as everyone calls it) is another great place to get married. There are 4 areas that are used for weddings. You do have to reserve the area in advance and there is a fee, but it does guarantee that your wedding will be in a private area looking out over the ocean.

Ann and Salvatore and their guests arrived at Ft. Zack by trolley, a very popular means of transportation when you have a lot of guests. A trolley can hold approximately 40 people and there are 2 trolley companies in town to choose from. There is also the “Conch Train” which can hold even more guests, if needed. It’s an easy way to get everyone to all of your events and your guests don’t have to worry about directions or parking.

At Ft. Zack you can reserve an area just for your wedding, or you can have your reception there as well. If you’re interested in having your ceremony there, check out www.fortzacharytaylor.com. And even if you don’t have your ceremony there, it’s a great place to spend the day. There’s a Civil War Fort to explore, lots of beach and the snorkeling can be very good. There are picnic tables and grills, just bring your charcoal and burgers. Oh, and don’t forget trash bags! You won’t find a trash can at Ft. Zack. Everything you bring in goes back out with you.

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