From Across the Pond

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Back from vacation and we hit the ground running. Got back at 10:00pm and by 10:30am the next morning I was officiating at the wedding of Liz and Andrew from Devon, UK. Peter and I had just gotten off a 10 hour flight and they were just about to get back on one. Needless to say, we shared movie critiques!

So, here we are a day before Thanksgiving with a wedding this afternoon and I just got a call from the Groom-to-be. Something has come up and they’d like to postpone their wedding until Friday. As long as I don’t have another wedding planned for the same time, I’m very flexible. I’ve had couples who have decided to get married while they are┬áhere on vacation and have asked me to officiate with only a couple of hour’s notice. It’s just the two of them for this afternoon, so it’s not difficult to change. Of course, we’ll reschedule for Friday. I should have all the Thanksgiving dishes washed and put away by then!


20 Years Later…..

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Tammy and Nick of Terra Ceia, FL celebrated their 20th anniversary by coming back to the place where they got married, Key West. They had an intimate Vow Renewal Ceremony on Smathers Beach and then I presented them with their Vow Renewal Certificate and Peter got some lovely pictures.

The weather in Key West is becoming just perfect! Of course, it’s never really bad weather here, but the humidity of the summer is gone, the rainy season is just about over and the ocean breeze keeps everything moving.

Since the weather is getting so perfect, well, it’s time to take a vacation. Peter and I are off for a couple of weeks so this will be the last blog for a while. Thanks to our house/critter sitter. It’s never hard to find someone to house sit when you live in Key West!

And congratulations to Tammy and Nick on their 20 years of wedded bliss!