Starting Off With A Splash

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No two couples are alike. No two ceremonies are alike. That’s one reason I have couples pick out the ceremony they want to use. It should reflect them and what they want to say. There is no “right” or “wrong” to a ceremony. There is tradition, which some may wish to follow and others do not.

In the slightly untraditional category are Bonita and Jeff from Fredericksburg, VA. Peter and I met them on Higgs Beach and Peter took lots of lovey pictures of them around palm trees, walking along the water’s edge and all the other pictures he normally takes after the ceremony. Then we walked to the very far end of the Higgs Beach Pier where we held the ceremony. Immediately upon being pronounced husband and wife, Bonita and Jeff took a little running start and jumped into the ocean while holding hands! Talk about starting off with a splash! There were lots of approving cheers and applause from swimmers and sunbathers.

What a fun way to start their lives together! Now that’s a wedding they won’t soon forget, neither will the sunbathers!



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