Don’t Watch The Weather!

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Yesterday, Paula and Paul from England celebrated their 24th anniversary with a Vow Renewal Ceremony on Smathers Beach. Paula’s custom bouquet turned out beautifully, as I knew it would. My florist does fabulous work! Paula and Paul told me they had been watching the weather the days before arriving and were afraid they were going to be miserable as they kept seeing there was an 80 to 90 percent chance of rain every day. They arrived to blue skies and puffy white clouds, and that’s how it’s been for the week they’ve been here, although each day the weather warns them of thunderstorms. How does that happen? Key West is a tiny island, 2 miles wide by 4 miles long. The weather forecast is for a huge area of South Florida including Miami (160 miles to the NE), and Ft. Lauderdale (190 miles to the NE). The weather is geared to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. After  all, there are a lot more people in a lot bigger area up there! So, that’s the weather forecast you’re seeing, not Key West. Key West is the driest city in Florida even in summer which is the “rainy season”. If it does rain here, it usually rains really hard for a few minutes and then it’s done. So, don’t watch the weather!

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  1. Thank you Rebecca we had the most amazing time, you made us feel so special, it was just what we had imagine and it delivered. Paul said he wished we had done this when we originally got married.

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