Don’t Watch The Weather!

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Yesterday, Paula and Paul from England celebrated their 24th anniversary with a Vow Renewal Ceremony on Smathers Beach. Paula’s custom bouquet turned out beautifully, as I knew it would. My florist does fabulous work! Paula and Paul told me they had been watching the weather the days before arriving and were afraid they were going to be miserable as they kept seeing there was an 80 to 90 percent chance of rain every day. They arrived to blue skies and puffy white clouds, and that’s how it’s been for the week they’ve been here, although each day the weather warns them of thunderstorms. How does that happen? Key West is a tiny island, 2 miles wide by 4 miles long. The weather forecast is for a huge area of South Florida including Miami (160 miles to the NE), and Ft. Lauderdale (190 miles to the NE). The weather is geared to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. After  all, there are a lot more people in a lot bigger area up there! So, that’s the weather forecast you’re seeing, not Key West. Key West is the driest city in Florida even in summer which is the “rainy season”. If it does rain here, it usually rains really hard for a few minutes and then it’s done. So, don’t watch the weather!

At The Reach

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Congratulations to Janet and Mark from Austin, TX. They got married in the gazebo at The Reach Resort yesterday. It was a small wedding, just a few family members. Their young daughter was their flower girl and was adorable.

Tomorrow night is Walk on White. All of the galleries on White Street open their doors, offer wine and munchies and a large part of the population of Key West strolls from one end to the other visiting galleries, partaking of goodies, and running into friends. It happens the third Thursday of every month.

Friday night is the Kick off for the candidates for King and Queen of Fantasy Fest at the Southernmost House. It’s the beginning of 6 weeks of crazy events by the candidates held all over town. The winners are the 2 that raise the most money for Aids Help. Looking forward to the wacky ideas they’ve come up with!Gazebo at The Reach Resort


Yappy Hour

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Saturday was Yappy Hour at Aqua Night club. Dogs and their owners are invited to compete in costume, talent and just down right cutest contests. I could never be a judge, they’re all so down right cute (the dogs, I mean, not the owners). There’s a silent auction for the humans and lots of treats for the critters. All the proceeds go to help Samuel’s House which helps provide housing for homeless women and their families.

Couldn’t stick around Yappy Hour for long, had the honor of officiating for Kathy and Jim from Galoway, NJ and Calida and Kevin from Berea, OH. Not at the same time, of course. But, both weddings were on Smathers Beach. Kathy and Jim were treated to a chorus of “Here Comes The Bride” by their friends on Kazoos. For Calida and Kevin it was just the two of them. Congratulations to all!

Key West Botanical Gardens

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Congratulations to Patricia and Zyron! The got married at the Key West Botanical Gardens, a hidden, underutilized gem in Key West. Everything grown in the garden is a native plant species and there are ponds and waterfalls and several places for ceremonies of any size. Patricia and Zyron had about 25 guests and, being a morning wedding, hosted a catered lunch right in the gardens. With all of the lovely foliage it was breezy and cool and they got married right in front of the waterfall. Then they were off to Ft. Zachary Taylor for a day at the beach! Sounds like a good way to start married life!


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This weekend is Lobsterfest here in Key West. We celebrate the spiny lobster by cooking them in as many ways possible. There’s a Lobster Boil, Lobster Duval Crawl, Lobster Brunch and today is the 19th Annual Lobsterfest Street Fair on Duval Street. There will be all sorts of booths serving lobster in all sorts of ways. There will be one booth, though, where the line of people will stretch for a block or two waiting for their lobster goodness. The booth is run by a restaurant called Bagatelle and they serve spiny lobster tail on a stick, lightly deep fried and then rolled in honey. Sooooo good!

While we’re there we might run into Donna and Jason from Bloomington, Illinois who got married on Smathers Beach yesterday. They brought a couple of friends and had a simple, fun wedding on the beach. There were 3 or 4 other small weddings on the beach and so there were lots of “congratulations” to be had. The moon had risen early and the beach was beautiful. Now, off to taste some lobster!



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So, Eva and Rod from Bowling Green, Kentucky are here celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Yesterday, which was their actual anniversary, Rod told Eva he had heard of a really pretty beach and he wanted to see it. They drove their little electric car over to Smathers and walked up onto the beach. White sand, palm trees, blue water and sky, it was all quite lovely. Rod then got down on one knee and asked Eva to marry him all over again. She was so surprised! And, of course, she said yes. Once she said yes, Peter and I came out of the shadows and I was honored to officiate at their Vow Renewal Ceremony while Peter recorded it all in pictures. I may just have the best job in the world!

34 Years Later….

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Another beautiful morning on Smathers Beach and another happy couple. Sheri and Don from Hammond, Louisiana have known each other for 34 years. Sometimes love just takes its sweet ol’ time. But as they say, “love will find a way”.

Tonight, off to a productions of “The Whale” at the Red Barn Theatre. Heard some great things about it. There’s always good theatre in this town (and it’s not always confined to the theatres!)