A Wedding and a One Night Stand

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Congratulations to Angela and Anthony, getting married on Smathers Beach today! Then they’re headed out on a sunset cruise. What a great little mini-honeymoon! Then I’m headed to The Studios Of Key West for their annual “One Night Stand”. This once a year event is so fun. Actors, directors, writers, costumers and set designers meet at the Studio and are randomly divided into 3 casts. Each cast is given a phrase and a prop that must be used in the play they are about to create. After meeting everyone in your cast, the writers spend the night writing a play to fit their cast. Tomorrow at 8am we will all meet again, be given our roles and start memorizing and rehearsing while your costumers and set designers scour the island to find what they need for their play. All of tomorrow will be spent rehearsing, costuming, building sets and finding props. Then tomorrow night we perform the plays for the public. 2 shows, 7pm and 9pm. Then, around 11pm we all collapse. Happy collapse! Last time I was a one eyed, wheel chair bound, cigar smoking Mom mob boss. It’s so fun!


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