Wednesday Morning Wedding

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What a beautiful morning to get married on Smathers Beach! Stella and Irving from Englewood, Florida tied the knot this morning at 10:30am. The beach had just been raked, there was a breeze, and the only people on the beach were the bride, the groom, my photographer and me.

There were lots of boats dotting the horizon. Today is the start of the two day mini lobster season. Lots of folks out there getting their quota of “bugs”. Florida spiny lobster doesn’t have the big claw like Maine lobster and the taste and texture is a little different, too. There’s a restaurant here that takes those lobster tails, does a quick deep fry and then rolls them in honey. Oh, my, are they good! Hmm…I think I’ll check around see if any of my friends went lobster hunting!

Stella and Irving got married on a deserted Smathers Beach this morning

Weddings and a Blimp

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Congratulations to Richard and Pamela of Deerfield Beach, FL and Phil and Tescha of Palm Beach Gardens, FL! Both couples got married on Smathers Beach yesterday. For Richard and Pamela, it was just the two of them. Phil and Tescha had kids and good friends in tow. I wish you all the best!

As you know, this past Saturday was “One Night Stand” at the Studios of Key West. Got there at 8am to find out I was going to be playing the Goodyear Blimp! Not exactly what a woman wants to hear at 8am, (not what our costumer wanted to hear, either) but the play turned out great! All four plays were very funny, we played to two sold out houses and everyone had a great time. Thanks, Studios!

A Wedding and a One Night Stand

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Congratulations to Angela and Anthony, getting married on Smathers Beach today! Then they’re headed out on a sunset cruise. What a great little mini-honeymoon! Then I’m headed to The Studios Of Key West for their annual “One Night Stand”. This once a year event is so fun. Actors, directors, writers, costumers and set designers meet at the Studio and are randomly divided into 3 casts. Each cast is given a phrase and a prop that must be used in the play they are about to create. After meeting everyone in your cast, the writers spend the night writing a play to fit their cast. Tomorrow at 8am we will all meet again, be given our roles and start memorizing and rehearsing while your costumers and set designers scour the island to find what they need for their play. All of tomorrow will be spent rehearsing, costuming, building sets and finding props. Then tomorrow night we perform the plays for the public. 2 shows, 7pm and 9pm. Then, around 11pm we all collapse. Happy collapse! Last time I was a one eyed, wheel chair bound, cigar smoking Mom mob boss. It’s so fun!


Rubber Bands for Wedding Bands

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Congratulations to Jessie and Shaun! They got married on Smathers Beach yesterday. They forgot their wedding rings. Not a big deal. Wedding rings are simply a symbol of a commitment. But, being the creative thinkers they are, they braided rubber bands into wedding rings. Shaun’s “ring” was made of blue and orange rubber bands because he is a true Miami Dolphins fan. I wish them all the best in the world!

Happy 30th Anniversary!

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Yesterday, about 2pm I got a call from a couple that is in Key West celebrating their 30th anniversary and they decided they’d like to have a Vow Renewal Ceremony. No problem! My photographer and I met them at Smathers Beach at 6:30pm for the ceremony. Turns out it was a surprise for the wife and it was quite emotional. Happy emotional! Happy Anniversary to Mitchell and Penny and I hope they have another wonderful 30 years together!

Hemingway Days

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Saturday night was a “super” moon. That’s when the moon is as close to the earth as it’s going to get in its orbit and is a full moon at the same time. So, the moon appears as big as we’ll ever see it. I rode my scooter out to Smathers Beach to get a good view of it rising. Took a picture of it on my phone but it didn’t come out very well. My friend, Daria, was at the Jersey Shore and took this one. Kind of odd to think we were looking at the same moon reflecting over the same water and yet so far apart from each other.

Sitting beneath a summer moon as it glows upon the ocean… the sound of waves gently kissing the sand - In this perfection I find peace.

Tomorrow starts Hemingway Days. It goes through Sunday and there are all kinds of events, the most important being the Papa Hemingway Look-A-Like Contest. There will be hundreds of rotund, white bearded men in town with families and friends looking to win the title. The contest starts Thursday with preliminary rounds, and ends on Saturday at Sloppy Joe’s. The judges are former winners, so there will be a lot of “Pappa’s” at Sloppy Joe’s. Besides the contest there are fishing tournaments, readings, a short story competition, street fair (required for all events), 5K race, arm wrestling contests and the running of the bulls.


When I lived in New Jersey I grew tomatoes, melons and all kinds of vegetables in my backyard. Boy, I miss those Jersey tomatoes! Moving to Key West I had to learn to grow other things. Here’s a pineapple ready for harvesting from my front yard. Take a look at the color, this baby is ripe! Into the fridge for 24 hours to get nice and cold and then slice it up and enjoy it with an adult beverage. Fresh pineapple is so sweet, it’s almost like candy.

Now, time to jump on the scooter and head off to the street fair on Duval Street. There’s always something happening on this island.

No surfing here!

A lot of people are surprised to find that we don’t have any waves crashing up on our beaches. That only happens if there’s a storm out at sea. Just off of the coast of Key West is the 3rd largest coral reef in the world. It stops the waves from coming in. And, since there are no waves, there’s nothing to bring in sand, so our beaches are man made. Yep, all that beautiful white sand is from the Bahamas. Underneath it all, this island is just a 2×4 mile rock.

Of course that coral reef makes for some great snorkeling and scuba diving.

A typical day at Smathers Beach

Welcome to my Blog

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Welcome to my blog about everything Key West and Weddings! July is traditionally a slow month for weddings in Key West. A lot of people think it gets really hot here, but it really doesn’t. In July and August the temperature will top out at around 90 degrees. In fact, the hottest temperature on record for Key West is 96 degrees, and that was in the 1950’s. But, unfortunately, the humidity goes up with the temperature, so it can feel a lot warmer than it is. But, it’s still beautiful and, let’s face it, hotel rates are a whole lot less in the summer.

Today is the beginning of “Mel Fisher Days”, one of the many festivals here in Key West. There are all kinds of events going on through Sunday to celebrate Mel Fisher’s discovery of the sunken wreckage of the Atocha, a Spanish Galleon that sank off of the coast in 1622. After 16 years of searching, Mel Fisher found the wreck in 1985. His team retrieved 40 tons of silver and gold, 100,000 Spanish coins as well as jewels and gold artifacts. Now, that’s something to celebrate!